10 Ways Yoga Will Change Your Life


Headed to the yoga mat? Whether this is your first time or 100th, here's a look at how yoga can change your life.

1. New beginnings: No matter what you bring to your mat each day, yoga allows you to quiet the chatter, start anew and make a new start -- every single day. Yoga inspires appreciation in the little things that make you happy to be alive.

2. Appreciation: Yes, we all make mistakes. Yes, everyone has problems they can't escape. But for one hour a day/week/whenever you do it, you can look inward to appreciate that you're there, breathing, trying to be better.

3. A way to slow down: Lots of people live life in overdrive, carpooling to school, rushing to work, trying to fit grocery shopping in before after-school activities. But when you do yoga, it forces you to take a much-needed time out. While you may have a million thoughts running through your mind, your yoga mat is where you can hit the pause button. Sit still, breathe, be. Give your mind a rest.

4. Connect with yourself: All too often, we're trying to please others, running around doing stuff for everyone else, when what we really need to do is reflect and get to know our own souls. Yoga opens up the potential for that connection, to learn who your true self is, gain insights, and find out what's really going on in your heart. This 90-minute block of time is YOUR time, no one else's. Use it to get re-acquainted with the most important person in your life -- YOU.

5. Love your body: You may not exactly be happy with your body in its physical form, but yoga teaches you to look at your body as one unified team, acting as a package deal to make you healthy. Be aware of everything, from organs down to each cell, and then you can start to appreciate the body as a whole. Listen to that body and go where it tells you.

6. Accept what is: Being at peace with the way your life is RIGHT NOW and not what it COULD be if you did A, B or C, is a big revelation point of yoga. Realize and accept that life is not perfect, then move on.

7. Overcoming obstacles: Your body will move in ways it never could before with yoga. It takes time and practice, but that position you couldn't even fathom doing last month is suddenly attainable. Or maybe it goes beyond the moves and extends outward to your life, with yoga giving you the strength to overcome that obstacle at work or school that's been causing you so much stress.

8. Fitness and strength: Getting into good physical shape doesn't mean you need to starve yourself, try every fad diet out there and go to extremes to lose the weight you want to. When you're on the mat, it's about strengthening your core, your limbs, your mind, to achieve health in body and soul. No diet can ever do that.

9. Release and let go: Quite literally, you are tightening and contracting when trying new poses. You'll realize some don't feel as good as others and you need to let go and try something else. This is a valuable life lesson, too: release the self-inflicted tension and let go of what's not working for you.

10. Get happy: Once you "get" yoga, you'll be amazed at the joy you feel when you schedule your session, drag out that mat and feel connected to the act of just being. Get centered, get peaceful, and get happy!

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